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Run! Run (or walk!) For Their Lives!

Hey, y’all! Looking for something to get you out of the ol’ Seattle Winter Slump? I have got just the thing for you! The Humane League is seeking folks just like you to help raise cash and caring for the animals. They have gathered a group of extra compassionate folks to train for the Seattle Mother’s Day Half Marathon on Sunday, May 11th, 2014. Go Team Vegan Seattle! 

And guess what! They need you! Whether you’re sanity is rooted in your daily 5K or you (like me) occasionally forget that you’re decidedly NOT a hard-core runner for, like, six weeks every 5 years, there’s a place for you at this party. The event features both 5K and 1/2 marathon routes and welcomes runners and walkers, so all skill levels are welcome (YEAH, JUAWANA. NO EXCUSES). Register to run! 

BUT, even if you’re totally like, “I’ll run a marathon WHEN I AM DEAD!!” you can still support Team Vegan Seattle’s effort to spread the vegan message and honor the lives of the 11 billion animals who are slaughtered in factory farms each year. Not to mention showing folks that a vegan diet is in fact so good for your body that you can pound the pavement in those hip sneaks for miles and miles! Sponsor a runner! Give a bit of that hard earned cash monies and show these folks who are so impressive and dedicated to a more compassionate and healthy world that they are actually sticking to their training program even though everyone else’s New Year’s Resolutions expired a month ago. They deserve your money! They aren’t even going to keep it. They’re giving it to The Humane League so that those incredible and dedicated folks can continue fighting the humane fight through public education campaigns, leafleting and online advocacy. WHAT! You’re actually getting a two for one deal so go get your wallet right this second. Please and thank you!


You could be in a team pic like this!

You could be in a team pic like this!


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