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Gently Raw: a New E-Book from Seattle Blogger

Happy day all you healthy eating and kitchen-talented type folks (that I aspire to be more like). Ms. Gillespie, Seattle-based author of the blog Serenity in the Storm, has published a fantastic new vegan e-book: Gently Raw.

Gently Raw Cover with Salad

One park non-cook book and one part personal guide, this 78 page PDF includes 27 original recipes that Katie has perfected along her journey. But more than that, she has shared ideas and advice for everything from what to keep in your pantry, to what to do in social situations, to how to help others.

Gently Raw is a perfect entry book for anyone interested in eating a little healthier, someone wanting to incorporate more vegan and gluten-free and grain-free foods into their diet, or anyone looking for new fresh recipes. For only a dozen dollars and no trees harmed, this e-book can be yours.

So get to it you non-cooking monsters! –> Purchase and more info here.

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