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Urban Buggy Rolls Into Seattle Hearts

Some of you may have heard that there is an new vegan deli in the Central District of our fair town. Well that would be an understatement. The Urban Buggy, founded by Dennis Comer, is a working farm, micro-distributor, vegan deli, vegan hair care distributor, and vegan baked goods store.

Dennis and Wife

Dennis on the right. The talent behind Brown Sugar Baking on the right. What is not to love?

That sounds like a lot, but it is a perfect combination of community-sourced and animal-free products plus amazing vegan take out food. The retail location at 308 22nd Ave S., is right next door to Dennis’s wife’s all vegan commercial bakery, Brown Sugar Baking Co., and is less than a mile from the actual urban farm located at 14th and Yesler, which was previously a city owned razed residential lot. This little shop is serving takeout lunches from 11 am to 3 pm Monday-Friday and brunch from 11 am to 2 pm on Sundays. Businesses can also pre-order box lunches for events or meetings. The Plain Paper Box comes with the sandwich of the day, chips, and a vegan baked treat. The Delux box comes with all that plus a side salad and a water.

vegan chickn and waffles

Sunday vegan “chicken” and waffle

And you won’t believe the lunch menu: ruban sandwich, grilled cheese panini, cobb salad, fajitas, BBQ pulled “pork” sandwich, beet and spinach salad, sweet potato and avocado panini, “chicken” salad sandwich, and so much more. Usually three items to choose from each day and rotating throughout the week so you can go often!  And of course, plenty of vegan baked goods from Brown Sugar Baking Co., which are 70% organic, made from 80% locally sourced ingredients, and are 100% nut and gluten-free. The brunch menu includes such delights at vegan “chicken” and waffles.


Farm and micro-distributors specializing in plant-based foods. Oh Seattle!

So hop on your bike, steer your steel contraption, or take the #4, #8, #14, #48, #984 metro bus to visit Dennis and chomp on some incredible vegan grub. Every neighborhood should be so lucky! If you use the facebook, be sure to “like” them so you can see what they are cooking up and follow @The_Urban_Buggy and @brownsugarvegan on Twitter.

The Urban Buggy
308 22nd Ave S., Seattle WA 98144

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