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Seattle’s Beloved Highline Kitchen is Back and Better Than Ever

The long anticipated return of Seattle’s Highline kitchen was worth the wait!

Friends! Your Vegan Score bloggers finally experienced the Highline food menu together. (Yes. We are ashamed it took us this long to tell you about their refreshed menu.) What we discovered was that Highline has some of Seattle’s best vegan food! Highline is serving decadent sandwiches, tacos, appetizers and sides – from their Vegan BLT – a Top 10 Vegan Sandwich, as awarded by PETA – to the best, picnic-perfect potato salad.

Juawana is ready for a vegan feast

Juawana is ready for a vegan feast

I am SO in love with Highline’s Liberal Animation tacos (gluten-free) – composed of slow-roasted tofu, mushrooms, bell peppers and green onions, seasoned with Highline’s secret blend of smokey spices, and topped with fresh cabbage slaw, fire-roasted tomato salsa, and drizzled with house-made creamy, spicy, baja nacho vegan cheese sauce, all plated high on three-double corn toritillas!  This goodness is served with a side of Highline’s savory red salsa, juicy limes and tortilla chips. Because I love cabbage, I added a side of their delicious coleslaw – it’s oniony, fresh and not too creamy for those of us who prefer a crunchy coleslaw.

Perhaps seeded by our in-the-moment travel planning to Vida Vegan Con 2015 (#VVCIII/#VVC2015) conversation, after my first bite of these tacos, I literally spoke these words, “This is Austin!” Yes! Highline is now serving Seattle’s Best Vegan Tacos! These tacos have the perfect balance of flavor, texture and quantity. As a native from Texas, who lived in Austin for 10 years, and of Mexican descent, trust me when I say, “These are authentic Mexican street tacos!

Best Vegan Tacos in Seattle

The Best Vegan Tacos in Seattle

Highline has three other taco plates, including Carne Asada Style Seitan (not gluten-free) – More Cumin Than Cumin, Grilled Portobello and Zucchini Strips – Day Tripper, and Vegan Beer Battered Catfish (not soy-free) – The Flipper.

Not having a taco moment? No problem! Highline delivers with loaded sandwiches and hearty appetizers.

Trista stuck with her love of Vegan BLTs and Highline reminded her why it’s her favorite sandwich. Highline’s version is extra special as the vegan bacon is made in-house with Highline’s seitan. It is thinly sliced, layer upon layer, and is topped with crunchy and juicy iceberg lettuce and tomato, topped with vegan mayo, and sandwiched between a monstrous Ciabatta roll. This is a unique Vegan BLT that is decadent or as Trista stated, “Its freak-in delicious!” Oh! And it’s served with a pile of Russet French Fries!

Seattle's Best Vegan BLT

Seattle’s Best Vegan BLT

Anika and Juawana smartly shared two dishes – the Seitan Fingers with Celery and Ranch and Buffalo Dipping Sauces, and Crazy Train Sandwich with Coleslaw. The Crazy Train Sandwich is a lush, marinated tofu steak dressed in Highline’s burley beer batter that is fried crispy golden. It is topped with fresh spring mix, tomato slices, tangy red onion and house-made ranch, served on a grilled Ciabatta roll. Bottom-line, this sandwich has everything one could possible want in their sandwich! Hence. It’s called Crazy Train!

Crazy Train Sandwich with Coleslaw

Crazy Train Sandwich with Coleslaw

Then there’s that perfect picnic potato salad I mentioned earlier. It is the kind that hits home on a hot summer day; it was actually 70 degrees in Seattle during our dinner so really, this was the perfect potato salad! And it’s just right for those us who prefer a mustard-based potato salad versus a vegan mayo one.

Other decadent menu items, include Poutein, Pickle Chips, and the usual set of hearty sandwiches we all enjoy – a Vegan Philly and Reubender.

Vegan Potato Salad

Vegan Potato Salad

Highline’s Kitchen is only open 4 – 8 PM, Monday and Tuesday, for now*. Meaning these nights are to be forever reserved for dinner at Highline! Get yourself to Highline for dinner/happy-hour, be as happy as Juawana is in this picture, and share your favorite Highline meal with us #SeattleVegan at Vegan Score on Twitter (@veganscore) or Facebook (

*Disclaimer: Highline has not confirmed, only hinted, at the possibility of adding another night of dinner.

3 thoughts on “Seattle’s Beloved Highline Kitchen is Back and Better Than Ever

  1. I live on capitol hill a few blocks from highline and I’m vegan and Mexican the highline had pretty tasty food now that someone else took over the kitchen but the tacos are no way authentic mexican they are Americanized and don’t taste like anything in Mexico

  2. This is such awesome news, when I visited I think it was just before they shut the kitchen and both the food and service were terrible! Everything you guys ordered looks amazing especially that Crazy Train sandwich and now I’ll definitely go back next time I visit.

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