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Speciesism DVD Special

Hey, hey, hey! Many of you had to miss the Seattle premier screening of Speciesism: The Movie last month. It was only playing one night and I think the theater filled up! It was great and the Q&A with the director was very interesting. If you missed it, good news, the lovely film maker, Mark Devries, is giving all Vegan Score readers 50% off the DVD!

This film was made to be watched by the average person, someone who hasn’t considered animals or veganism yet. It is done in a friendly and funny format that many viewers will like. It follows movie maker Mark as he investigates, interviews, and explores the meat and dairy industries, health and veganism, environmental issues, and philosophies of animal rights and welfare. This would be a great film to share with your family to help them better understand why you are vegan! You can even buy packs to give away. Local library perhaps?

Just go to the Speciesism website and when you order the DVD, put “seattleveganscore” into the coupon code field to get 50% off.


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