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Seattle Dreams of a Vegan Ice Cream Sammie Truck

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that an all vegan ice cream truck would RULE the Summers in Seattle. So many times! I thought it could carry Tofutti Cuties, Yours Truly (like drumsticks), vegan fudge bars, frozen fruit bars, and all the vegan yums available. It was a dream. A pipe dream. A pie in the sky dream. Or was it?


This is what I am talking about.

Today friends, something BETTER than that dream is in the works in our town! The Seattle Cookie Counter plans to bring more than a dozen vegan ice cream flavors on vegan cookies to a mobile VW bus. That means hand crafted, more organic, wider variety, and locally owned vegan goodness. I feel faint. Really I do.

But before this little VW bus comes to your neighborhood, they are trying to raise some start up funds to help pay for some equipment, fixing up the bus, and paying for kitchen space rent while they get up and running. Starting a small business can be very expensive, but if we all chip in just a little – in exchange for a treat down the road – this can be a reality! REAL. NOT A DREAM.

Please help make my Seattle vegan dreams come true.

  • Step 1: go like them on the FB, if you use the FB and tell your vegan-friendly friends.
  • Step 2: go follow them on IG, if you use the IG @seattlecookiecounter
  • Step 3: go pitch in a few bucks on Kick Starter and start planning how you’ll use your sweet rewards. Cookie vouchers anyone?
  • Step 4: meet me there after you get your rewards to hang out with Chris and Chelsea. All vegan ice cream. All the time.
Chelsea and Chris

Chelsea and Chris


See you there eclair!

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t taken the vegan plunge, you must read up on why humans taking cows milk is a bad idea. Bad for us, our environment, and especially bad for mama and baby cows. Here are some resources: 8 Reasons to Stop Drinking Milk. The Milk Myth. Milk Facts. Don’t Dairy Cows Need To Be Milked? Health Concerns about Diary Products. What Happens on Dairy Farms (warning, real footage). Calves From Dairy Farms (warning, real footage).

Thank you Chelsea and Chris for making something yummy without animal exploitation!

8 thoughts on “Seattle Dreams of a Vegan Ice Cream Sammie Truck

  1. It would be nice to offer something to the ever-increasing celiac population, too…if you are concerned with the health risks from the meat/dairy industry, you shouldn’t be ignoring the health risks (particularly autoimmune) from consuming gluten. Plus it’s torture for those of us who CAN’T eat gluten to to see yummy vegan foods that we CAN’T eat, even though we would like to.

    • Hi Hungry Celiac!

      Yes, if you read our Kickstarter Campaign page you’ll see that as Anika said, we indeed will have three gluten free cookies and with 18 ice cream flavors (also gluten free) there’s a lot of yummy options for gluten free folks. Our gluten free cookies are really tasty too – I know you’ll love them 🙂

      We hope you stop by for a tasty treat once we’re up and running!


      • And…I forgot to mention – those cookies in the above picture just happen to be gluten free. So you are actually seeing vegan food that you CAN eat!

  2. It does say that they will have gluten-free versions of Lemon Zest, Coconut Lime, and White Chocolate cookies and at least one will be in the rotation at all times. Tho’ since they can only afford to share kitchen space, I wonder if it will be OK for those with celiac disease?

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