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Fancy Vegan Date Night

Araya's Madison Valley Location

Araya’s Madison Valley Location

Here are the three most common questions people send me via email, text, and Facebook: 1) If I’m only in town for a day, where should I eat 2) Where can I go with mixed company of vegans and meat eaters 3) Where are the best places to take someone on a fancy date. I do plan to have posts for all three of these and I’m starting with the most important: FANCY DATE NIGHT.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking your significant other of 20 years, going on a first date, or looking for a nice place to take your polyamours for your 1 year anniversary – we all need a reason to dress up once in a while. Going out in style and class shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence, or it wouldn’t be special, but it does need to happen! Although some places might require you to save up for a few months, going out to a nice place doesn’t always have to break the bank. Variety is the spice, I’ve heard ’em say. Here are six suggestions that are locally owned and very Seattle:

Eggplant Pesto from Plum

Eggplant Pesto from Plum Bistro

Araya’s in Madison Valley: the food is renown as some of the best vegan Thai in the world and their 2 Seattle locations and 1 LA location prove this out. But not everyone knows that the new Madison Valley location is sweetly romantic, like a French country bistro meets an island vacation in the gulf of Thailand. It is tucked back from the street in a garden court yard. With appetizers under $8 and entrees around $11, this is the most affordable date night in town. Reservations not required. Neighborhood: Madison Valley. Menu. $$

Cafe Flora: this has been the staple date spot of vegetarians and vegans for as long as I can remember. With an organic seasonal rotating menu and a full bar, this joint is perfect for a date night. It has a reputation for being pricey, but it is comparable to other bistro style restaurants. In the Summer I highly recommend the garden seating. Reservations not accepted for small parties. Neighborhood: Madison Valley. Menu. $$$

Canlis: Seattle fanciest restaurant since the 1950s, many vegans don’t know that they offer an incredible prix fixe vegan tasting menu made for the gods. By far the nicest restaurant on this list and probably the nicest in the NW, this is the one that will set you back some pretty pennies – about $100 per person not including drinks. You can also rent a private dining room with your own view of Lake Union. Suit and jacket required for the more masculine leaning folks in your party. Reservations required (48 hours in advance). Neighborhood: Queen Anne/Westlake. Menu. $$$$$

Mezze Plate from Cafe Flora

Mezze Plate from Cafe Flora

Plum Bistro: a date night hit since it opened in 2009, this place doesn’t disappoint in atmosphere or delicious organic vegan fare. Great cocktails, appetizers, and big open windows in the Summer time, I’d say this place is tops for an anniversary dinner – it even made a list of Most Romantic Vegan Restaurants in the US. With appetizers and drinks, you’ll easily drop $80 for two people. Reservations not available for small parties. Neighborhood: Capitol Hill. Menu. $$$

Sutra: I adore this place for date night. After my first juice fast, this is the restaurant I chose to eat at. It is always a 5 course prix fixe dinner served supper-club style (all eat at the same time). Every time I go here I am blown away by the incredible food and wine pairings, tho’ your table is hardly private. $40 per person without drinks. Reservations required. Neighborhood: Wallingford. Menu $$$

St. Dames: This Rainier valley establishment is a favorite for lunch, but with its cozy vegan-friendly menu, stellar cocktails, and big booths, it too can be romantic. The most casual place on the list, you’ll have to dress up a little to keep the fancy mood. Reservations not required. Neighborhood: Rainier Valley / Columbia City. Menu $$

Wild Ginger: Normally thought of as a nice place to take business guests to dinner downtown, this Seattle establishment has been around since 1989 and now has a separate vegan menu – but you have to ask for it. They also have a Bellevue location and both have great service, fancy drinks, and private high back booths. Reservations recommended. Neighborhood: Downtown Seattle/Downtown Bellevue. Menu. $$$

Tomato Gazpacho and Compressed Watermelon from Canlis

Tomato Gazpacho and Compressed Watermelon from Canlis

I’m sure I’ve missed a hidden gem that you know about. Please share in the comments and I’ll update the list periodically. Now go ask someone to dinner already!

5 thoughts on “Fancy Vegan Date Night

  1. Great list. I’d even say that St. Dame’s is a good date night spot. The lighting gets real romantic in the evening. Also, Carmelita (RIP), though not all vegan, used to be a fave date spot. I hope another similar kind of restaurant opens up soon.

  2. Gah! How did I forget St. Dames? KC and I even talked about it. Rectifying promptly! Thinking of adding Tallulah’s too, tho I’ve never been myself. I’ve had it recommended.

  3. Great list – thanks! I did NOT know about Canlis. Woo hoo! I will add that one of the fanciest, most mind-blowing meals of my life was enjoyed out at the Herb Farm in Woodinville. They completely veganized their 9-course menu for me, and it was truly extraordinary. A big splurge of time and money but absolutely worth it.

  4. Just experienced another great date spot: Tilth in Wallingford has a vegan tasting menu (that can be ordered a la carte), which was delicious, and it’s in a charming space. In fact, all of Maria Hines’ restaurants have vegan options. My next stop is Agrodolce in Fremont.

  5. So glad to know about Canlis! And yes, Tilth has been a great date night for us! And we, too, are headed to Agrodolce next. Haven’t tried their vegan menu yet.

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