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Udupi of the Northwest

Udupi is a city in Southwest India and has given it’s name to Udupi Cuisine – the famous vegetarian fare of South India. For years I’ve heard rumor of an all vegetarian Indian restaurant on the East Side that was also very vegan-informed (no ghee for this lady). And finally, a trip north afforded me the chance to hunt down Udupi Cafe and Chaat Corner in Bellevue.


Vegetable Uthappa with tomatoes, peas, carrots, chilies, and onions.

And wow! The lengthy menu is all vegetarian and mostly vegan with everything very clearly labeled. They had all the famous but sometimes hard to find Southern Indian fare: dosas, thali, sambar, and my new favorite, uthappa (above). If there had been more of us on this outing, we could have tried more things – and I can’t wait to go back with a big group since it was pretty affordable too!


Pongal (top) Avial (bottom)

As an appetizer we went for something new – Allo Bonda, mashed potato balls dipped in chick pea batter, served with mint and tamarind chutney and a side of Sambar. Next we ordered Uthappa, a choice inspired by Richa‘s husbands homemade onion and tomato version. The Vegetable Uthappa was humungous and delicious filled with veggies and chilis! Lastly we ordered The Pongal Avial (above). Avial is a coconut vegetable dish slightly reminiscent of Thai Green Curry. But the surprise treat of the meal was the Pongal – a porridge like rice and lentil dish that was amazing. Sweet and with a really interesting texture.


Aloo Bonda

It was too much for two people, so once again, I am inspired to find about 10 more vegans to go over there and help me order all of the food. And for you late night eaters, they serve Dosas and a few other items until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Otherwise they are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Dosas all around!

Udupi Cafe and Chaat Corner
14625 NE 24th St. Ste 3
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 401-2009

5 thoughts on “Udupi of the Northwest

  1. There was, for years, a wonderful Indian restaurant, Udupi Palace, at Crossroads in Bellevue. They were vegetarian, not fully vegan, but truly was the place to go for dosas. Last time I went I found they had closed. 😦 Hoping, hoping they’ve reopened as Udupi Cafe!

  2. Thank you for the review! I love South Indian food and had heard there was a place like this in Bellevue. I was just in Bellevue today — too bad I didn’t know about Udupi!

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