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Cherry Street Coffee Saves North Belltown Vegans

Hi. I’m dedicating this post to the Belltown nine-to-fivers who might be able to relate to my weekly lunchtime crisis. Luckily, all folks will benefit from this Seattle vegan score because Cherry Street has multiple locations. But, really, I wanna talk to the folks who know about Belltown deep.  I’m talking the borderlands of Belltown and Queen Anne, not the bustling metropolis that is the 3rd and Bell corridor. My office is on 1st and Cedar and let me tell you, the vegan work day lunchtime options in that part of our very vegan friendly city are, in a word, boring. They exist, but they aren’t enough to keep me salivating nor do they lend themselves to realm of affordable and quick, which is exactly what you need in a work day lunch. Sure, I could spend $15 on a respectable meal at the delicious Green Leaf, but who has that kind of money or time between appointments and pretending you’re not lost in an internet K-hole when your coworkers walk by? I need to save that money for when IT catches on and sends my browser history to my boss.

That is why you cannot fathom the gratitude I hold for the TWO excellent Cherry Street Coffee House locations that are minutes from my office. That’s right TWO. And I frequently visit both of them. One is within view of my office door, so I use that one specifically for emergency to-go orders when I’ve spent too much time watching Beyoncé videos (NSFW!) and now have to eat at my desk and play catch up. The second one is a 6 minute walk and my little secret. I go there when I need to hide from all work-related people and enjoy my falafel and second large iced coffee of the day guilt-free. I know, I’m brilliant. And addicted to caffeine.

Black Bean Soup! Falafel salad! Tahini! Oh my!

Black Bean Soup! Falafel salad! Tahini! Oh my!

Now, I share this gift with you, vegan Seattle. Cherry Street has several locations, so you don’t have to be relegated to the hi-rise suburbs of Belltown to enjoy their many vegan options–including a veggie burger that is exactly what you need to get over the fact that you forgot your lunch on the counter for the 5th time this week. I also have been known to be late to work because I needed them to make me some oatmeal so I could power through a fierce case of the Mondays. Now that the season of salads is upon us, I encourage you to order your falafel in salad form and join me (and many other humans) in the iced caffeinated beverage seasonal revolution. There are also donuts. You know the kind.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet (besides the prices which I always use as an excuse to buy lunch instead of bringing it), it is the sincere lack of pretension. This ain’t no Seattle coffeehouse + snoboretum. This is a sincere community gem with award-winning baristas and a menu which aims to ensure us lunching animal-abstainers are well fed. So whether you need a place to hide from the stress of makin’ ends meet or hangry because you love your job so much that you forgot to eat, stop by Cherry Street for a classic soup and sammy combo to get you back on track.

P.S. Their daily soup isn’t always vegan, so if you really need soup (which I often do, old-man style), better to call ahead!

P.P.S. OMG, I almost forgot to tell you my favorite thing. They have hummus for their bagels! Any vegan knows that hummus on bagels is by far superior to other traditional bagel options. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but I found the lack of hummus bagel options alarming when I moved to Seattle. Where I come from all the bagels have hummus! OBVIOUSLY.

Just like their should be.

There’s hummus under those veggies.

Cherry Street Coffee House, multiple locations


2 thoughts on “Cherry Street Coffee Saves North Belltown Vegans

  1. Dude we work like a block away from each other! I love the vegan falafel there. And the falafel salad! I like that you don’t have to say, “I want x without the cheese/mayo/tzaziki,” you can just say, “I want a vegan x” and they get it. I also lurrrve Green Leaf. I’ve been to Cherry Street and Green leaf this week fo sho.

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