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Sister Hounds

There are so many domesticated animals that need safe and happy homes, that I normally wouldn’t dedicate an entire post to finding just the right home for one of them, but this time is different.

Many of you know that our hound dog Louise was a former laboratory dog and was born into the medical laboratory system. When she came home with us she had never been outside, never run in the grass, or even walked around a block. She was also indifferent to people and a bit shy (no surprise). In the last 20 months she has blossomed into an amazing dog who loves people, dogs, treats, and most of all, loves walks in our very noisy and hectic neighborhood.


Lola the Fox Hound when she first arrived at our home.

Which brings me to Lola the fox hound. We wanted to add someone to our family that would be more entertaining and playful than either of us boring humans. We met Lola at Pasado’s Safe Haven and fell in love. Like Louise she had a very unique and challenging puppyhood — as part of a massive neglect and hording case, Lola was never socialized to humans and was too afraid to be pet. She loves dogs and treats and toys and sleeping on fluffy dog beds, but just isn’t so sure about people yet. Many of the other dogs rescued with Lola are now in homes and once they live with humans, they  bond and live happy house-dog lives. We thought our home would be perfect for Lola.


Lola is a goofy sleeper. We hope this meant she felt comfortable.

We were wrong. Our apartment is in the heart of bustling and extremely loud Fist Hill (think sirens at all hours). After only being in the country, all of the sights and sounds increased Lola’s anxiety. When she wasn’t napping (which she did very well), she was being driven mad by the sound of the bus air-brakes right outside our window. We would play follow the leader where we dole out snacks as she follows us around the house and she would play with Louise running up and down our hallway with glee, but then the next minute she would be barking out of fear of some sound or thought she had about being unsafe. A scared dog barking in an apartment is not a recipe for success if there is no place for her to go to get away from the stressors. After a week of seeing her barking increase and then a few hours of crying, we decided that our home wasn’t what was best for Lola and that we needed to find her a better place. She is now back up at Pasado’s but is ready and waiting for a real home.

Lola was a very goofy sleeper. This time across two beds

Lola was a very goofy sleeper. This time across two beds

This is where you, dear reader, come in. Please help us find a better home for Lola. There are two main things this home needs: 1. not be in a noisy hectic neighborhood, suburbs or rural would be best 2. be a place where her barking when afraid will not drive the neighbors nuts. She needs time to get acclimated to her new home, new family, and new surroundings and needs to bark to express her fears until she feels safe. She is a dog after all.

The family that adopts Lola does not need to be rich! Lola has been spayed and is up to date on all her vaccinations. The adoption fee is only $125 and we will pay this for the right home, no problem. Lola also comes with her own travel crate for the car and a home wire crate for when she settles in.


Lola was fascinated with the TV on her first night. But she got used to it.

Lola is a truly special girl. Despite her terrible experience, she still is super curious and playful. She sleeps like a log and is excited by the world. She was curious about our TV and after a week let KC pet her all over. She is so ready to relax and be given a chance to recover and rehabilitate, she just needs the right home and a patient family that can give her a little time. The families of Lola’s brothers and sisters who have been adopted have a Facebook group for sharing photos, setting up play dates, and giving tips and tricks for helping the dogs overcome their fears and transform into house-dogs. It is a very special community and Pasado’s is extremely supportive of the families.

If you know anyone who would love to have Lola as part of their family, please get in touch with Pasdado’s ASAP. Lola and three other Fox Hounds  — Dooley, Lucky,  Shilo  — are still looking for their forever homes.


Lola and Louise would spend the non-waking hours looking out our windows.

2 thoughts on “Sister Hounds

  1. Such a tough situation. Thanks for giving her a chance and recognizing what she needs to be happy. Her time with you helped you gather more info so Pasado’s can find the perfect home.

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