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Think! Eat! Act! A Sea Shepard Chef’s Book Reading

I love this book’s title! This is the perfect way to think about critical thinking, veganism, and activism. Not just one, but all three – perhaps in chronological order? Oh yeah.

Eat Think Act Book Cover

I don’t want to be on a boat for weeks or months, but I do want to make food for big parties!

Think! Eat! Act!: A Sea Shepherd Chef’s Vegan Recipes, published Microcosm Publishing (one of the best publishers evah) is a brand new cookbook by Raffaella Tolicetti, a galley cook for Sea Shepherd. Beyond just a collection of recipes, this book is full of stories and activist profiles from someone who has cooked vegan food for animal activists as a way of living her values. 80 recipes with full color photos 190+ pages! Raffaella will be in our little city on Tuesday July 29. Come meet her and see what this unique paper-bound thing has to offer.

Not vegan? That’s OK! Not an activist? That’s OK! Not a good cook? Even better! You don’t have to be vegan to advocate for animals. You don’t have to be an activist to try veganism. You don’t have to know what you are doing to come to the book reading and meet Raffaella.

And if that weird little monologue wasn’t enough to entice you, let me quote my friend Greg:

“Veganism is about staying committed to an idea. But how do we maintain that diet and way of life in the midst of a culture that doesn’t often agree with us? This book offers incredible examples of people who have maintained their commitment to veganism even in light of seemingly impossible conditions. If you want incredible recipes, inspirational stories, and new ideas on the vegan way of life, this book is essential.” – Greg Bennick, Professional Speaker, Humanitarian, Producer, Writer

Look at those dried herbs above. Yum!

So come on down to one of the best book stores ever and meet this amazing woman, learn more about her book, maybe even by the book, and hang out with vegans, cooks, Sea Shepherd fans, and whoever else is smart enough to spend their Tuesday night doing something like this. See you there!


Think! Eat! Act! Book Reading
Left Bank Books Collective
92 Pike St, Seattle, Washington 98101
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
7:30 PM
Remind yourself and RSVP on the FB, if you use it.
Oh, and if you can’t come out for this, you can buy the book directly from Microcosm.


One thought on “Think! Eat! Act! A Sea Shepard Chef’s Book Reading

  1. Far from being one of the best publishers ever, Microcosm is actually really terrible. Joe Biel has a history of abusive behavior to his romantic partners, business partners, and employees. He also has a history of trying to obliterate other zine distros and tiny independent publishers (anyone he considers competition) with baseless, ultimately bankrupting lawsuits. Pioneers Press is just the most recent example – they are poised to lose everything because Joe Biel is grinding them under his litigious boot. There are many other people not speaking publicly because they fear retribution. He also uses lawsuits as a tool to silence anyone discussing his abusive behaviors. Google will return tens of thousands of links about all of these issues.

    Microcosm isn’t a good company and should be avoided because it’s owned and operated by an unethical, abusive person.

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