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West Seattle Joint Wins at Vegan Burgers

Shadowland Vegan Burger w Salad
The veggie burger is a funny thing. It was one of the first vegetarian and vegan items that mainstream restaurants carried back in the early 90s. It was also one of the first vegan frozen foods (hello Boca!). Here in Seattle, thankfully, it has been remastered by Wayward Cafe and elevated by Plum Bistro. But other than that, most veggie burgers are terrible. Really terrible. They are dry, bread-on-bread, microwaved, and textureless. The house-made patties often just crumble into a pile of dry, unseasoned beans, or grains. They are the last thing I want to see on a restaurant menu.

Some genius vegan told me that Shadowland in West Seattle had a vegan burger. I didn’t jump at the chance to try it, thinking I’d be disappointed. Waiting, was a mistake. So you shouldn’t follow my lead. You should go to Shadowland and eat this thing!

Shawdowland Vegan Burger w Fries

First, it comes with a spicy, dense arugula salad, which I love (or fries). Second, it also has caramelized onion for sweetness, Veganaise (best processed vegan food item every invented), and an amazing stone ground mustard for bite. But that is not all. Also has guacamole, lettuce and tomato! This burger is piled high with juicy toppings that won’t leave you with dry mouth. But the best part? They don’t use a boring old dry cheap patty or try to make some patty on their own: they use the new local Field Roast burger patty. But wait! Do I see TWO patties on the burger? You do my friend, you do.

Truly, all of this together makes for one amazing burger. The only thing is that it is hard to fit in your mouth. But who is complaining? Not me.

4458 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Tel: 206.420.3817
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7 thoughts on “West Seattle Joint Wins at Vegan Burgers

  1. Veganaise? Ick. Disgusting imitation of a disgusting condiment. Please don’t include that in my veggie burger. And by the way, have you tried the three different veggie burgers served by Red Mill on Phinney Ridge? Wonderful!

  2. Last I was at Red Mill they said none of their burgers are vegan, but I should check back! That was years ago and things change. Thanks for the tip Paul! Sorry Veganaise isn’t your favorite, what type of burger sauce do you like instead?

  3. I rushed over soon after reading your review and had this burger last night. I was not as impressed unfortunately and my other half didn’t like it at all. I do tend to love the Field Roast products but their burger patty tastes just like their meat loaf and the flavor takes over the sandwiches it’s in (we think).. but that aside, I liked it ok, didn’t love it.

    Here’s why: mine didn’t even have the tomato on it? the guacamole seemed to be that pre-made store bought kind that if you know what I mean, you know what I mean..those tend to have a bad flavor that is nothing like fresh guacamole or avocado slices. The patties were cold. The onions tasty. The bun was nothing special.
    The salad was just arugula alone, absolutely drenched in a tasty but very sweet lime dressing that I guess we should’ve asked for on the side. We also opted to get pickle chips..don’t make that mistake unless you like mostly breading that is extremely salty and oily to the point of inedible after mistakenly scarfing down a few in hunger. Not sure if they even qualify as vegan, but..

    I do agree it’s nice to see a veggie burger on an otherwise non veggie menu that isn’t just some lackluster patty with plain toppings, but I wouldn’t go back (we were also inundated in fruit flies landing in our beers). Still searching for good West Seattle options aside from El Chupacabra!

    Just thought I’d add to the information available. I believe you reviewed the Oak’s (Beacon Hill pub) herb crusted vegan burger awhile back and that I felt was fantastic the two times I’ve had it (over a year ago now)!

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