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No Bones About It: New Vegan Food Truck

No Bones About It is a vegan food truck that has been gracing Seattle with delicious food for a few months now. Their beer-battered, deep-fried avocado tacos are without question the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. Topped with tomatoes, cole slaw, chipotle aioli, salsa, and Daiya, and served on corn tortillas with a side of watermelon, these tacos also happen to be gluten-free. I’m usually a fan of moderation, but I would willingly eat a truly unreasonable number of these. If you have not had beer-battered, deep-fried avocado before, you are missing out.


The Beer-Battered Avocado Tacos (gluten-free)

They have plenty of other great things on their menu, too—and many offerings are gluten-free or soy-free. You can also have any sandwich served as a lettuce wrap for no charge, or served on a gluten-free bun for a dollar more.

The North Shore Sky Dive is a slab of grilled organic tofu with a ginger-sesame glaze, topped with grilled pineapple, jalapenos, poblano mayo, tomatoes, and bibb lettuce. It’s served on a bun that’s sturdy enough to stand up to all the toppings without getting soggy. This is what all of those teriyaki-soaked, pineapple-topped veggie burgers want to be when they grow up.

The North Shore Sky Dive

The North Shore Sky Dive

If you like a little heat, you have to try the Coconut-Buffalo Tofu Wrap. It’s loaded with seared tofu covered in a fantastic, spicy coconut-buffalo sauce, topped with plenty of cole slaw and tomatoes, and served with a side of (vegan, obviously) ranch dipping sauce. This wrap calls for extra napkins.


The Coconut-Buffalo Tofu Wrap

As if their spectacular food weren’t enough, No Bones About It increases their awesomeness quotient by donating 2% of all sales to a different local animal welfare group each month. Last month was the Seattle Animal Shelter; this month’s non-profit is Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN). I respect the heck out of them for prioritizing their values and commitment to their community while running a business in an industry known for having thin margins.


The monthly lineup of non-profits No Bones About It will donate to

One note: If you like your food on the mild side, say so when ordering. While the spice level of some items could be easily reduced by, for example, skipping the jalapenos, that may not hold true for all items. If you don’t think having your eyes water a little is a sign of a good meal, then they can recommend some less-spicy items or possible modifications for you. They do also have some offerings for kids that skip the spiciness. My toddler gobbled up her grilled Daiya quesadilla, which came with ranch dipping sauce. She’s turned down every Daiya quesadilla we’ve offered at home since, come to think of it.

No Bones About It will be out and about in their truck soon, but will continue serving from their “pop-up” stand until the truck’s details are all finalized. For information about their location and schedule, check out their Twitter or Facebook pages. One of their regular locations is Populuxe Brewing in Ballard, often alongside vegan ice cream sandwich truck Seattle Cookie Counter (which we covered here). Let me tell you, it’s a glorious combination.

Facebook: No Bones About It – Food Truck

Twitter: @NoBonesTruck


7 thoughts on “No Bones About It: New Vegan Food Truck

  1. Awesome!! I didn’t know about the vegan ice cream sandwiches, either! I am super excited to check them out. I happen to love spicy! And Seattle for having such great fun, vegan options! 🙂

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