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Support Your Local Sugar Plum

Yes! Makini Howell, owner and chef of Plum Bistro, Plum Truck, and Plum Market, is turning the little Plum Cafe on 15th into an all vegan sweet shop. Think pastries, milk shakes, donuts, ice cream floats, vegan candy. ALL THE YUMS. 15th is a perfect location for a shop that will serve special treats for everyone!*


But like most entrepreneurial endeavors, this one will take some big up front cash. Instead of borrowing from a bank, Makini wants to make the community part of the process. She has teamed up with Community Sourced Capital to raise the loan funds and anyone who believes her business will succeed can by a “square” for $50. And the great thing? If she raises the minimum amount required, $23k, Craft3 will match that loan!

Your square isn’t an investment. But it isn’t a donation either. You put $50 in and you get $50 back. It is a way for communities to loan money to the businesses they believe in and support. So very cool! If you think this business will be a success, buy a square or two to help make a vegan sweet shop on Capitol Hill a reality.

Go Makini go! I got my square and then when I get paid back, maybe I’ll use the money to buy all vegan milkshakes. All of them. OH, and if you want to say good bye to Plum Cafe, do it before the end of month!


*Did you know that non-vegans can eat and enjoy vegan food too? This rarely discussed fact is super true, so everyone can love and benefit from a vegan business – vegans, non-vegans, and animals! Oh, and if you can’t remember why dairy is so bad, you can check out Mercy for Animals.

One thought on “Support Your Local Sugar Plum

  1. What a great system, I wish the exchange rate wasn’t so bad at the moment! Hopefully lots of people will support this so I can eat all of the things there next year.

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