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Wayward Vegan Cafe Expanding and Moving

Hello vegan friendlies! Wayward Vegan Cafe has supported the Seattle community with their creative and very affordable vegan fare for many years. Now it is our turn to return the favor by supporting their effort to move, expand, and evolve into an even better Wayward!

Their Indie Go Go campaign has something for everyone’s interests and budget. Free coffee for a year? Ok. Free coffee for life? Now we are talking. Just a little “thanks” is all you want? That is affordable. Maybe a dinner party so you can put on a fundraiser for your favorite reproductive justice charity? Oh wait, that is my idea. Invite to the Grand Opening party? That ones going for only $15 buckaroos. What ever you like or how ever you can support, there is an option for you.

I love Wayward. We may be getting married.

Tami is the world’s most adorable spokesperson – and so humble. If you don’t spend much time at Wayward then you might not know how special the owners and the staff truly are. This is the type of business that makes our city better, makes their neighborhood unique, and continually makes a difference in the lives of their customers and employees.  The new place will be near the new Roosevelt light rail station too, making it easy to get there for folks who don’t live in the north end of the city (like me!). Now if I could just convince them to open a 2nd location on Beacon Hill, my life would be set.

OK. EVERYONE READING THIS: go here and check out the campaign and let’s see if we can’t help Wayward be all it wants to be.

PS – Thank you Wayward crew for making my mornings so great.

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