Bunnies Love Vegans Love Bunnies

So I was chatting with the lovely Space Manatee while at Vegan Haven a few months back about the non-profit house rabbit rescue she volunteers with, Special Bunny. She was telling me how many bunnies need good homes and how they are perfect companion animals for vegans in the city. I had no idea, so I thought I’d share with you in hopes that you or someone you know would be able to open your home to a bunny (or two).

House bunnies

Zoey and Oliver, Space Manatee’s Snoozey House Bunnies


1. Bunnies are vegan too! You don’t have to worry about feeling conflicted about what you feed them like you might with a pup or kit. Just like us, bunnies need a variety of veggies to get all their nutrients, but they also need hay, which you shouldn’t eat.

2. They can be litter trained just like a cat. That’s right folks, bunnies are no dummies and can be trained to do even more than cats – there are even bunny agility courses.

3. They are great for apartments because they are quiet. No barking or crying while you are at work like a sweet pooch might (this shouldn’t deter you from rescuing a pooch if you are up for it, of course). Bunnies do sometimes purr when they are content.

4. They keep the same schedule as we do. They like to sleep during the day while you are at work and are most active in the afternoon and evening so you can hang out with your bunny all night.

5. If you garden, you can use their cute little poo pellets as fertilizer, since they only eat veggies!

6. Most importantly, they have lessons to teach about being more zen in life. You’ll have to slow down to spend time with your bunny, train your bunny, and keep your bunny engaged. They will return the favor 10 fold with love and entertainment for hours. They are highly social animals and would love a bunny companion too.

I’m sure there are many other reasons to make a rabbit part of your family, so you bunny lovers, feel free to comment about the joys of house bunnies.

Look here how many rabbits near Seattle are looking for homes. Bringing anyone into your family is a commitment, so before you adopt a bunny, make sure you are: patient, have a sense of humor, enjoy learning the language of another species, have plenty of time at home, don’t mind spending time on the floor, and love soft furry bundles of love. Here is a video from Australia of someone who just adopted a special needs bunny and how they are setting up Archi’s cage, food, toys, bedding, etc. to give you an idea.


And an important side note: some of you know that Whole Foods recently began selling rabbit meat for human consumption. While we think killing and eating any animal unnecessarily is immoral, you can help the bunnies with this cause by signing this petition. I don’t think it has to be said that I disagree with some of the wording in this petition that says bunny’s deserve special treatment because of their popularity as a pet. Totally irrelevant. But, since this is a pilot program, there is a chance it could be stopped and a lot of bunnies could be saved. That is why I signed. Also you can follow Special Bunny on Facebook for fun videos and updates on their bunnies.

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