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Support the National Museum of Animals and Society

While it’s located in Los Angeles, rather than Seattle, the National Museum of Animals & Society (NMAS) is exceptional enough that we’ve got to mention their fundraising campaign here. They are moving to a larger, permanent location–in close proximity to many of Los Angeles’ most prominent museums–and are hoping to raise $50,000 via Indiegogo to finance their move. They are just $1,680 shy of their goal at this point, with a few days left to go. If you can donate by February 18, you’d be helping a fantastic cause. Their campaign’s page is here.

As with many crowdsourcing campaigns, the museum is offering its supporters a number of interesting perks. A $50 donation gets you a spot in the upcoming Crazy Cat Lady exhibit, which will eventually be displayed online as well. At the $125 and $175 levels, you can choose from a variety of pieces of original artwork. And if you’re looking to contribute at a lower price point, $10 still nets you an online high-five (that is, a social media shout out) and a digital download of a 7-track album.


The National Museum of Animals & Society is raising money to fund their move to a larger, permanent location.

In their own words, from their Indiegogo campaign intro, the museum aims “to preserve, interpret and share our inspiring legacy of animal protection, to nurture current and future generations’ overall awareness about animals in society and to empower change.”

The museum is a volunteer-run organization. Its advisory council includes Jonathan Balcombe of the Humane Society of the U.S., Colleen Holland of VegNews, and Zoe Weil of the Institute for Humane Education.

NMAS is hosting an exhibit next month called Bunnymania, so it’s probably good that they’re located in Los Angeles. If they were in Seattle, I’d be compelled to go and make a truly obnoxious number of Buffy references. (“Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!”) (Sorry. Mostly.)

If you can help the museum reach their fundraising goal, you’re helping a great organization to raise its visibility and get people thinking and learning about the importance of compassion toward animals. And if you haven’t had enough blue skies and warm days during this strange Seattle “winter,” a trek down to Los Angeles to visit the National Museum of Animals & Society may be just the thing.

Indiegogo fundraising campaign: National Museum for Animals & Society

Facebook: The NMAS

Twitter: @animalmuseum

Instagram: @animalmuseum


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