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VHS Über Alles – Cult movies in analog glory!

Let me to introduce you to VHS Über Alles and Alicia Betty of Sweet Betty Cakes, a vegan Seattle educator with a love of VHS tapes and community. What started as a living room gathering of friends over a passion for classic VHS tapes and vegan potlucks has turned into a Sunday night phenomenon. Not only does Alicia Betty reach far into the vault of cult classic VHS masterpieces, this baker has placed this magnificent night in Seattle’s only all-vegan bar: The Highline.

My first time sitting amongst the candlelight and VHS enthusiasts was for the showing of, “Deadly Friend.” It was funny, ridiculous, and I don’t think that fate could have brought us together in a better setting. I left that night my belly full of fried pickles, Satan fingers, ginger beer, and my heart ablaze (not because of the delicious fried treats). The idea of a vegan-friendly hang out once a week was exhilarating. Alicia Betty and her partner Gvn Lazar Suntop are attempting to share their 500+ VHS collection and vegan life-style with the world around them. Seattle definitely needs some more gatherings of vegans, and I imagine this to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Viva la VHS!
The love of vegan bar food and classic B films on VHS unite every Sunday at VHS Über Alles at the Highline. No cover. 6 p.m. 210 Broadway Ave E. Seattle. 21+ Follow on twitter: @VHSUberAlles
Check out updates, the next run of VHS tapes, and the amazing other events that are planned for Betty’s epic VHS collection on their Facebook.
 See you there! 🙂

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