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Rainier Roller Girls: The Vegan-Friendly Sporting Event has Cometh Seattle

Being vegan at sporting events has managed to push my limits of tolerance for lack of vegan options. Everyone around you seems to be engorging themselves upon some kind of Americanized grease-caked delicacy, and although I am never envious of omnivores, I do tend to feel a bit left out at these events. Safeco Field has stepped up their game with a Field Roast stand, but besides that, luck has run low. That was until now.


Seattle vegans and sport lovers alike, meet the Rainier Roller Girls. Not only is this league of powerful women creating a community of support, uplifting themselves and glamorizing the sport itself, they are also doing it with a conscience. Rainier’s first game of the 2015 season in February benefited the the Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington, which ​is a safe haven for wild cats. The team even spent an entire day volunteering at Wild Felid earlier this month… but wait, there’s more. These animal lovers have an all-inclusive selection of delicacies at their games. The gluten intolerant and vegans rejoice! The super three of Chaco Canyon Organic CafeStuffed Cakes, and Mighty-O Donuts have come together to sponsor this up and coming team. It’s not just that. EVERYTHING IS A ONE-DOLLAR DONATION. This is where you bring a twenty dollar bill and zip lock bags for freezing and enjoying later. All donations support the team’s travel cost (since roller derby is not a sport made for those seeking wealth).

Vegan scoreeeeee

The animal-free satisfaction does not end when the final whistles are blown during the game. The Rainier Roller Girls party it up at Proletariat and Full Tilt in White Center immediately following the derby action. Proletariat Pizza offers a delicious vegan/gluten-free fare (fresh spinach, Mama Lil’s peppers, mushrooms on tomato sauce​), and Full Tilt is known for their vegan coconut milk renditions of classic and not-classic ice cream treats (vegan Thai iced tea will always be one of my favorites). My mouth is salivating and stomach grumbling already.

If you want the chance to see all of the vegan delights in one spot and some old-school roller derby thriving in the Pacific Northwest, you can see the Rainier Roller Girls play March 21st at Southgate Roller Rink. 9646 17th ave sw Seattle, WA 98106. Doors at 5:30. $10 in advance/$15 at the door.

Get updates and see the other exciting things that the Rainier Roller Girls are up to on their Facebook.​

rrg vegan scorrreee

Full-disclosure: I moonlight as Charlie Horsepower. The entirety of my roller derby career has consisted of playing for the Rainier Roller Girls, but I tried my best to write this from a vegan sports-loving fan perspective. Vegan athletes want to play for vegan-friendly teams though, so it only makes sense right? See you on the flat track.

Shout out to Jason Garland and Steve Messerer for the lovely photographs!

10 thoughts on “Rainier Roller Girls: The Vegan-Friendly Sporting Event has Cometh Seattle

  1. This sounds so amazing. I’ve always wanted to go and see roller derby, and the presence of vegan goodies makes it too good for words. Sadly I am far across the seas, but I will be in Seattle in a few months, so maybe the stars will align. 🙂

    • Well our season goes from February to June! Hopefully one of our games will align with your trip. Hope to see you out there on the flat track. 🙂

      • You know what, I will actually be in Seattle on the 13th of June! It depends a bit on what I have going on, but I am hopeful that I might make it there to see you and support you by eating all of the vegan goodies. 😀

    • I will be there too! haha the curly headed blonde one playing! Come say hi! Yay! I am excited. The theme may change…. but I will keep you posted!

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