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Vegan Author Ruby Roth in Seattle

I’m Christina, and you may think I’m guest blogging again on Vegan Score to tell you about the Seattle Walk for Farm Animals (Save the Date! September 19!), but no. Today I’m reaching out to make sure YOU DO NOT MISS what’s happening on April 11, 2015. Seattle will be hosting the one and only Ruby Roth for The Transformative Power of Veganism – a presentation, Q&A, book signing and reading extravaganza. If you aren’t familiar with Ruby, she is the world’s leading author and illustrator of vegan and vegetarian books for children, and she has received international attention (and controversy!) in response to her sensitive, yet frank advocacy of a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Ruby Roth

In this one-of-a kind lecture, Ruby will explore the transformative power of veganism on society and the individual – including children. Through an examination of pop culture, the controversial media response to her children’s books, and the obstacles one faces by being vegan and raising vegan kids, Ruby will reveal the invisible forces that shape public thinking about health, children, and animals, strengthening her audience’s resolve to fight the good fight, overcome social and familial pressures, and engage children in healthy eating and animal rights. This is big, game-changing stuff, trio

We all interact with children on some level – they ask us questions, and they closely watch adults for all sorts of cues that shape their world perspectives. You don’t need to be a parent, or even a vegan to learn a thing or two from Ruby. Whether you’re a vegan veteran or a veg-curious newbie, whether you’re raising kids or work with children other than your own, whether you’re planning a family or involved in animal advocacy, Ruby will inspire you to rethink the status quo as well as our cultural approach to raising and interacting with children of all ages. Check out this amazing video to get a sense of what Ruby advocates for:

Vegan Is Love Children’s Book Trailer from Ruby Roth on Vimeo.

The 90-minute presentation and Q&A portion of the event is designed for adults (babies in arms and teens are welcome). Free onsite childcare for ages 6 and under will be provided on a limited basis. Older children who can be left unsupervised are invited to use a separate room for quiet activities during the presentation, or they can help build a set for an upcoming drama production! Fun!

The presentation and Q&A will be followed by a family-friendly book signing, a chance to meet Ruby, and a reading for children of V Is for Vegan. We’ll also be giving away a door prize to one lucky guest – a choice of their favorite Ruby Roth book!

Ruby with child

The event is presented by Northwest Animal Rights Network and Seattle Vegan Families. With a little less than two weeks, there’s no time to waste! Register now and prepare to be inspired!

  • Date: Saturday, April 11
  • Location: Seattle First Baptist Church, Fridell Lounge, 1111 Harvard Avenue, Seattle
  • Time: 2pm
  • Cost: Tickets are $15/adult and children are free. Limited, free onsite childcare is available. Each adult and child will need a ticket. Tickets:

Facebook event:
About Ruby:

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