Vegan Food

Our Taco Truck Dreams Have Come True with the Luchador Taco Co.

Hello Seattle. Charlie here again with another tale full of excitement and delicious delicacies.

Rumors, whether they are based on fact or fiction, often illicit our attention. When I first heard the hushed gossip of, “vegan taco truck,” being dropped here and there on the streets of White Center, I could not believe my ears. Before falling into the trap of hope without verifying my facts, I called up Justin Cline, the owner of Full Tilt, and the mastermind behind the alleged food truck. Justin quickly set me straight with the truth. This was no mystical unicorn we were talking about, Seattle would be making their vegan tacos and eating them too.


Sick of the limited options in the local taco truck, the all-vegetarian Cline family decided to take matters into their own hands. What was once a Korean BBQ truck has transformed into the Luchador Taco Co. Less traditional Mexican food, but nonetheless tasty, Luchador Taco Co. has a small, but filling and flavorful menu. You get to choose taco or burrito style fare, with a Mexican coke to wash down all the cruelty-free goodness. I tried the Chorizo Potato Tacos and can’t wait to come back and try the rest (especially the El Pastor)!

The Luchador Taco Co. is just what Seattle ordered. Portland has been rubbing it in our faces, putting us to shame for years now with their vegan-friendly food truck dining, and here we are finally making our way.


To find out where and when you can try The Luchador Taco Co., find them on Twitter or Facebook for their most up to date schedule! If Mexican is not your favorite but you still don’t want to miss out on the food truck phenomenon, don’t forget to check out No Bones About It or the Plum Burger Truck!

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