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Resistance Ecology in Portland this June

Ever thought about taking your frustration with the crumminess of this world and turning it into action for change? Want to think more about how different structures of oppression, including non-human animal exploitation, are related but changeable? Want to be part of that change? Well hey, do I have the conference for you!


The 3rd Annual Resistance Ecology Conference will be in Portland June 12-14, 2015. Resistance Ecology organizers “aspire to create a forum to unite animal liberationists, land defenders, and organizers to share skill sets and resources, to report and recruit, to coordinate campaigns, and to promote solidarity, coalition organizing and mass movement building against the structures that underpin animal use and ecological destruction on the continent— Euro-settler colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, neo-liberalism, and border imperialism.”

That is an ambition goal, my favorite sort. Come spend time with like-minded change-agents while hanging out in one of the best coast’s best cities. Even if you aren’t sure about the aspirations of the conference, it is guaranteed to be a major learning experience. Other things to love about this event: it is free, open to the public, grassroots organized, with the types of workshops, panels and talks we really want to attend. For example, here is a video from last year of Seattle vegan film maker, Keith Tucker (Pursuit of a Green Planet) speaking with Kevin Tillman (Vegan Hip-Hop Movement)  about hip-hop and food justice. So rad, right? And many more like that!

I’ll be there for sure, with a few other Seattle vegans, learning everything we can and building community in the Pacific NW. See you there!


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