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4th of July Sugar Plum Sneak Peek

Growing up, I spent every July 4th at my grandma’s patchwork cabin on the South fork of the Skykomish river. Back in those days, nature was for partying in and fireworks were stack ranked – the best being the most dangerous, loud, and disruptive. I’ve grown a tad in my understanding of the holiday and in how I’d like to relate to nature, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get behind new traditions. Here are three ideas on how to spend this hella hot 4th of July – the official “birthday” of the United States of America:

1. Read up on how the colonization of North America and how the “birth” of the United States impacted the people who lived here long before and who still endure despite the U.S. Some ideas include checking out a copy of An Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, or maybe some library searches on Native American Genocide.

2.If fireworks are your thing, how about a little reading into how they are used in different celebrations around the world, or the history of their invention and then come up with your own reason for celebrating. Remember how absolutely terrifying the loud cracks of fireworks are for most dogs and cats (this is the busiest time for lost friends and fatal car-animal incidents), so if you absolutely must, make your fireworks colorful not explosive.

3. Reserve your spot at the annual Plum Bistro 4th of July celebration, party with the Plum Burger truck, hang out with other Seattle vegans, all while getting a sneak peak at the new vegan ice cream shop, Sugar Plum. Space is limited so RSVP!


OK friends, learn lots, be safe, look out after the animals, and wear your “U.S. out of North America” button if you’ve got one.

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