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Seattle in Vegan Burger Battle

You have probably noticed that I am a big fan of some mover and shakers here in our town. One of my favorite people and projects is Keith Tucker and his Hip Hop Green Dinners that he holds all over the U.S. serving vegan food to youth in his community. He is also making a documentary film, Pursuit of a Green Planet, about him going vegan to highlight green ideals and health in the hip hop community.

Keith Tucker and Chef Ariel

Keith Tucker and Chef Ariel

This Saturday, Sept 5, 2015, Keith is holding a vegan burger contest between Seattle, Miami, and Baltimore as a fundraiser for the Green Hip Hop Dinners. In partnership with the generous folks at Field Roast, Keith and vegan Chef Ariel Bangs of Healthy Creations will be slinging vegan burgers at the Hillman City Collaboratory from 12:00-5:00 pm. Donate at least $15.00 and get one of these gourmet vegan burgers. poster


LETS BRING ALL OUR FRIENDS. Not just a few. Start texting them to find a time to meet down there on Saturday. That is what I’m doing. Make a plan. Let’s support this awesome project, show our community tons of love, and also, of course, stuff our face with vegan burgers.

We need need at least 200 people to come out and put their money and mouths where their hearts are! Let’s show ’em how the Seattle vegan community gets it done! If Seattle can’t buy and eat vegan burgers, what can we do? Oh, I know! If you can’t make it but still want to support Hip Hop Green dinners, donate here:

See you here!!

Vegan Burger Battle
Saturday, Sept 5, 2015
12-5:00 pm
$15.00 or more
Hillman City Collaboratory
5623 Rainier Ave S
Seattle WA 98118

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