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Now You’re Cooking – Learning from Vegans

Maybe a few of you out there are thinking of starting your own small business around a vegan offering of some sort, or have already launched something recently (Ariel! Sam! Amber! Keith!). If so, then this lil’ General Assembly event is for you!

Chris and Chelsea (two of the sweetest people on the planet), of Seattle Cookie Counter, will be talking about their experience starting their vegan ice cream sammie bus and (soon to be) full bakery and café. This fireside chat will be held November 18, 2015 at WeWork (500 Yale Avenue N.) in the Cascade neighborhood of Seattle. Beverages and vegan ice cream cookies will be served, of course. The best part? Tickets are FREE. Yep. You get to hang out with cool people, learn something, snack on vegan sweets, just for showing up.

Chelsea and Chris

Chelsea and Chris

So if you have ever thought about running your own small business, RSVP now for your chance to network and learn.

Now You’re Cooking: Making It As A Food Business
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
8:30-6:30 pm
500 Yale Ave N., Seattle

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