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They’re here! Vegan, queer, trans-friendly, mobile salon!

I like to think that some mal-educated, insecure conservative is probably tossing and turning at night knowing that the NW is about to birth it’s very own purposely vegan AND queer hair salon. What keeps them up at might, brings me great joy to announce and share with you!

Meet: And We’re Queer, Vegan Mobile Hair Studio and its founders, Joe and Amanda! These two professional hair stylists wanted to create an all-vegan salon so that they wouldn’t have to work with products that exploit animals and they could attract a lot of like-minded folks who care deeply about the liberation of both humans and non-human animals. They also recognized that many trans folks, especially while transitioning, have a difficult time leaving the house, much less going to standard mainstream salon and feeling safe and supported. They thought about how a mobile salon would allow them to come to folks in the safety of their home and neighborhood, but also travel to other places where they could provide services to those in need – like homeless youth shelters.

And We're Queer Logo

The duo is currently raising funds to purchase and retro fit their mobile unit and are having a BIG fundraiser and party at Highline Bar this May 18, 2016. You are all invited! There will be music, performances, silent auction, and more. This is a great chance to learn more about their concept and their dedication to community above profit. They know this will not be a big money making business, but they are passionate about strengthening both the vegan and queer communities – and the many ways they overlap.

This past week, I had the pleasure of experiencing their in-home services and not only did my magenta-orange hair request come out great, but we had a blast. (Photos to come). A couple of friends were over and we gabbed about everything from hair, to vegan tacos, to male privilege. If only most Tuesdays could be so warm and filled with all kinds of beauty.

Amanda and Joe

Amanda and Joe

If you’d like to go to an all vegan salon, if you’d like to support a queer-owned business, if you’d like to have your stylist come to you, instead of you to them, if you’d like to support a community-oriented business,  if you’d like to support a business that gives back and supports others, or if you’d just like for your hair to look awesome, then you MUST come to this event! If you can’t come to the event, then you should make an appointment! Even tho’ they don’t have their mobile truck yet, they can still perform any service in your home.

See you at the party!

Date: Wednesday May 18, 2016
Time: 9:00 PM
Location: Highline Bar (note, the elevator is broken. Big sad face. )

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