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Get new (eco) threads! Drizzle + Shine opens on The Hill

Hi! I popped into Seattle to visit y’all and try all the new amazing vegan wonders that have sprung up since I left and guess what I found (besides dairy-free soft-serve which I will eat every day during my visit): adorable and affordable apparel! Guess what else? They are manufactured by vegan, eco-friendly, and socially conscious companies! GUESS WHAT ELSE? They are all in the same spot so you can check them out and try them on IRL before you buy them! I know, dudes. I’m stoked, too. IMG_6229

Inspired by documentary The True Cost, long-time vegan fashion blogger and all around rad woman, Jean White, opened vegan eco boutique, Drizzle + Shine, on Capital Hill this week to the delight of stylish socially-conscious consumers everywhere. Jean has been helping fashion-forward folks find animal product free duds with the blogs Jean of All Trades and Sunshine and Slaughter for years, but with Drizzle + Shine, she provides a lovely space to shop for a getup that is animal, earth, and people-friendly. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a person like Jean seeking out companies that not only care about animals, but about materials and labor practices, as well. It can be easy to find shoes without leather, but not so easy to find shoes with earth-friendly materials and a trustworthy track record of treating their workers well.


Or go Sunday during the grand opening celebration (details below)!


Grand Opening Celebration
Sunday, May 22 – 12pm-5pm

102 15th Avenue E
Seattle, WA 98122


2 thoughts on “Get new (eco) threads! Drizzle + Shine opens on The Hill

  1. EXCELLENT review! Thank you for helping get word out about Jean’s new vegan/eco boutique. We need these shops in every city!

    ❤ carmen

  2. Congrats Jean I wish the best in your new business ! I wish I could visit your store to buy some eco friendly shirts and flats. Have a nice day !

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