Vegan Events

Vegan Food Justice Knows How to Party

Yes, yes, I know. We shouldn’t have too much fun while fighting injustices. But you know what? Sometimes that is what it takes to get stuff done. We are only human. With this knowledge in mind, the kids over at the WA Chapter of Food Empowerment Project (including me) have cooked up a pretty special event for November 4, 2017.


For a sweet ticket price of just $45, you’ll get:

  • Vegan food. But not just any vegan food. You’ll get vegan Trinidadian doubles by Double Up!
  • Drinks. Frosty. Bubbly. Cold. Well paired drinks. And not just the alcoholic kind. There will also be local Kombucha and Rachel’s Ginger Beer, which will go perfectly with the spicy “pepper” sauce on the doubles.
  • Access to tour all of the exhibits at the NW African American Museum. Art and history combined.
  • Silent auction. But not a boring auction with items you don’t have room for in your tiny apartment. All of the items at this auction will be unique experiences – ranging from the adventurous to the practical. Sessions with  a certified life coach anyone? How about private singing lessons! I’ll take the membership at the Smith Tower cocktail bar.
  • Talk by lauren Ornelas. She is the founder of Food Empowerment Project, but if you don’t know her, check out one of her talks on YouTube. She has more than 30 years of experience in vegan and Animal Rights activism, including under cover investigations. If she doesn’t inspire you to think holistically about anti-oppression efforts, nobody will.
  • Live jazz from some hella talented young folks!

You’ll get all this, but also, and WAY more importantly, you can support a really radical and rare vegan non-profit that fights injustices in the food system for humans, non-human animals, and our pretty little planet. You don’t have to put one before the other, we can do it all at one time. We don’t have to sell out one group to work for another. We don’t have to continue exploiting one group because we are helping another.

I hope you come out and bring a date or a few dates or everyone you know.

What: Appetite for Justice Benefit Dinner
Where: NW African American Museum, 2300 S. Massachusetts Street, Seattle, WA 98144
When: November 4, 2017, 7:00 pm


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