This story is kind of boring:
I started this blog because I realized that I sometimes I found rad new vegan things around Seattle, or my friends did, and I wanted to share the news with other people. At first I wanted to share little bits of vegan finds around the city, so I started with Twitter. After using Twitter for a while, I realized that sometimes I wanted to write more information, or share more pictures. I also thought it would be handy to archive some information for future reference, so I made this baby, I mean blog. Also, a bunch of friends I eat breakfast with were the midwives: Kirby Johnson, Carey Fegal, Chris LaPointe, Lee McGlothlen, Nicole Murillo, Kim Harrington, and others. I quickly added a Flickr stream and started collecting videos on YouTube of Seattle vegan-related things. Like I said, kind of boring. But I LOVE finding, liking, and sharing things, so please excuse my occasional overabundance of enthusiasm.

Different Strokes:
Little Bits More Often – Follow me on Twitter if you like to get little bits of news, right at the moment they are discovered. I usually find 1-2 things every day just being around the city. Could be a new menu item, an event or gathering, a new product at the store, a new venue, new blog, or what ever. http://www.twitter.com/veganscore

Big Bits Less Often – Subscribe to this blog using RSS feeds. I usually post something 2-4 times per month. Just hit the little orange square in your browser and follow the instructions. You don’t have to be a Blogger member to subscribe.

Medium Bits in Moderation – Become a Fan (or “Like”) Seattle Vegan Score on Facebook. I don’t post everything that I learn, just the things that I think most people would really want to know, about 1-2 times per week. I also post links back to this blog when they get posted. And you can post to the page too, to share what you know. www.facebook.com/veganscore

Visual Bits – become a contact on Flickr, or subscribe to my Flickr Feed to get many, many, many pictures. You can check out sets of stuff you are into: {Vegan Fashion}{Restaurant Food}{Vegan Products}. Be careful, sometimes when I look at the food pictures they make me really hungry.

Why Bother?
I am not a vegan maniac, fascist, and I don’t “police” anything, ever. In fact, even tho’ I have been happily vegan since 1993, I am a pretty easy going person. Before I was vegan I LOVE LOVE LOVED meat, mostly because of how it tasted, how convenient and filling it was, and, well, honestly, I loved it because I thought of it as food instead of as hurt and dead animals. I was kind of a jerk, but also kind of normal. Now I love nothing more about myself than being vegan and I love making good choices that I think match my values.

My favorite, but most over used saying is “follow your heart.” This is what I do. I hope you do too. I also think that if you try hard and do what you think is right, I have no place to judge you. So I don’t spend a lot of time on this blog blaming, pointing fingers, or judging. That isn’t to say that I won’t stand up for things that I think are right, I really enjoy activism and outreach too, just not here on this blog, and not with stones.

One thing that I love to do is support people and places making an effort to be better. I support Seattle vegan restaurants, stores, and businesses A LOT, but I also will go to any place and seek out vegan options, ask for custom food, or ask questions about materials used. I think this is a good part of educating and sharing, not isolating.

I do think it is important that people educate themselves about the impact that their decisions have. For this reason, I happily link to to videos and photos of what animals really go through in the circus, or for fashion, or as part of agribusiness. It isn’t possible for people to make good decisions and follow their hearts if they don’t have all of the information.

Who the Hell Do I Think I Am?
My name is Anika and I am pretty average. I was born and raised in the Seattle area. I live with my BF Kirby (aka K.C). He is a super role model. He has been vegan since he was 16 or 17 (that was 1990 – yes we are kind of old) and he did it while living in the suburbs.

We used to live with two cats, Butters and Vundy, but now they live with Kirby’s parents because of my stupid allergies. They have gotten worse somehow. My allergies, not the cats. We live with two frogs now (a gift) named Bun and Naynay.

Kirby and I also have a little vegan side project called Lion’s Share Industries, where we make t-shirts designed by vegan artists that are not lame. I have a degree in History from Seattle University and am also 1/3 owner of a marketing firm, Projectline Services, Inc with offices in Seattle, Bellevue, and London – which is why I work so much.

You can usually find me volunteering at Sidecar, the all-vegan store in the U-District on the weekends. I go to shows around town and listen to just about everything from metal to old country to local hip-hop, to song writer pop, real opera, and stoner rock. The only genre I don’t love is modern R&B singing, well, and anything with an Irish flute. What I really love is art: fine art, graffiti writing, and comics. I also love reading (duh) a wide range of words including classic fiction, business and marketing texts, animal rights books, fashion and art stuff, and local zines. Friend me on Good Reads.

More questions, ideas, suggestions and scores? Email me anytime at: veganscore@live.com.

4 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi Anika! I would love to connect and learn more about Seattle, as we are relocating to the area. I recently left The Caldrea Company / Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day (www.mrsmeyers.com … a Leaping Bunny Certified company) as the CEO to start http://www.myvoicegives.com with my wife. A company that gives animals a voice with every purchase. Perhaps I could pick your brain on how to work with the community? How can I help you keep the vegan movement going?

    On a personal front, I’m a Vegan Ironman and my wife is a vegan as well. So hopefully you can see where our passion lies … the animals. In essence, we believe what you believe.

    I would love to connect and see if I can help you in any way.


    PS: I know you also do tshirts … but I see this as a collective movement to the greater good. So yes, I would love to help you if I can.

  2. Hey there Anika! My blogger buddy, Jean of All Trades, told me about your blog because I’m taking a trip to Seattle in a couple of weeks. She told me to check out ‘A Whole Brunch of Vegan Options’, which I did and then I couldn’t stop poking around your blog. Anyway, I just wanted to say, “Hi!” and thank you for putting out this fab blog. Celeste 🙂

  3. Hello Anika what an incredible blog if anybody can help me I hopes its you. I have been working on a vegan food concept for about 2 years. It is a new way for vegans/non vegans to enjoy plant proteins and super foods (amazing grass) in bars, drinks, and works in progress are puddings and frozen treats. I know you are busy if I could just have a few moments of your time it would mean so much. thx Toby

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