KEY: [f]=food related    [s]=social stuff   [a]=activism  [e]=education

Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) [a]
Northwest Animal Rights Network is a Seattle-based animal rights organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals by raising awareness of animal suffering in the food, entertainment, experimentation, and fashion industries since 1986. These are the movers and shakers. Fun to volunteer with too!

Seattle Area Vegan and Vegetarian Families Meet Up Group [s]
This awesome group brings parents and their kids together food and adventures that are cruelty free. Outings include tours of animal sanctuaries, vegan bake sales, potlucks, park meet-ups, and more.

Seattle Vegan [e] [s] [f]
A great low-key blog with vegan news, resources, updates, and recipes that is always up to date! This site has been going for years and I have no idea who is the brilliant mind behind. Seattle vegan mysteries!

Seattle Vegan Meet Up Group [s]
An eclectic group of Seattle-area vegans and veg-curious, welcoming everyone interested in a vegan diet / lifestyle.

Seattle Vegan Activists Meet Up Group [a] [s]
This Meetup is for people interested in helping educate the general public about what goes on in factory farms, and how people can save animals simply by choosing not to eat them, including vegan out reach, demonstrations, letter writing, and other creative ideas for making the world a better place for us and the animals.

Seattle Veg Happy Hour [s]
A casual group sharing interests in veganism, vegetarianism, and animal rights, just looking to hang out. It’s a social scene for compassionate lifestyles. Anyone interested in learning more about a vegetarian or vegan diet, or activism on behalf of animals is also welcome.

Seattle Veg Singles [s]
Meet other Seattle vegetarians, vegans, & veg-interested people…who also happen to be single! This is a relaxed, informal group of single folks sharing interests in veg-ism, animal rights, and cruelty-free living. All types are welcome.

Seattle Vegan Bloggers [f]
Here is list of some of the great vegan blogs in Seattle. From this group you’ll find vegan recipes, events, fashion, and other related content.

Vegetarians of Washington [s]
Whether you are an experienced vegetarian, a beginner, or just curious, they invite you to discover the advantages and experience the pleasures of vegetarian food. You don’t have to be a member to go to the monthly dinner.

Veg [e] [s] [a] [f]
The Pacific Northwest’s most comprehensive resource – MEGA HANDY – for anyone interested in reducing the meat, dairy and other animal products they consume, for whatever reason and at whatever pace. So much information here, you hardly need my blog. It is run by NARN.

Vegan Restaurant Guide (PDF download) [f]
A super duper useful guide with more than 35 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the greater Seattle area.

Yelp Vegan Seattle Search [f]
Reviews and tips on Seattle area vegan restaurants. Even a couple of reviews from me!

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